Technion Infrastructure

Welcome to the world of Technion !

Where we aim at providing all-round construction services. Continuing our credence of innovation, we attain new milestones with every endeavour. Here, we believe in going the extra mile & walking the distance that has never been crossed before.

Technion Infrastructure has instilled the necessary proficiencies to take verious infrastructural projects from its conception to completion.

By leaving no stone unturned, we ensure that no endeavour is impossible or unachievable.

About Us

We aspire towards establishing land-mark projects that would define the country’s progess. With our due existence in multiple sectors and involvement in various projects we earn to create opportunities for everyone.

We believe in empowering the lives of every individual associated with our prestigous company. We forever aim towards greater tomorrow by plundering infrastructural possibilities today.


To build a pioneering organisation striving to achieve technical excellence, superior quality, prompt completion of projects and absolute customer satisfaction. Ensuring enhancement of shareholders value by adhering to global benchmarks and thus creating distinction from competitors.


Implementation of latest technologies in the field of infrastructure, construction, operation as well as continual maintenance of major social projects.

To encourage innovation, professional integrity and enhancement of employee knowledge together with development of skills whilst creating a safe work environment.

Our Services


India has the second largest road network across the world at 4.7 million kms and we aspire to take it forward by leaps and bounds.


We seek to undertake construction of some of the largest and most complex dams in India.


With the rapid development of cities in India, the construction of flyovers is imperative to keep up with overall expansion and growth.

Infrastructure Raw Materials

We source raw materials from the most supreme sources in the industry and are committed to provide the purest and best quality available.

Ports and Marines

India ranks 16th among the maritime countries and we believe in taking it forward with the applicable steps.

Hydro Projects

With new and improved constructural possibilities presenting themselves daily, it is integral to keep up with all available aspects.